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More Lawsuits for Charney

Seriously–maybe if Dov Charney would just put some freaking clothes on, he wouldn’t be getting sued every time he turned around. The latest suit comes from an ex-girlfriend of Charney’s, who was there at the start of the company waaaay … Continue reading

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Way To Shop

In this retailer’s nightmare of a sales season, just getting the consumer in the front door of a store is considered a success.

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Still Somehow Bucking the Trend

Retailer American Apparel saw their same-store sales rise in November by 6%. The news made the company’s share price increase by 21 cents, or 6.4 percent, to $3.49 in afternoon trading on the Thursday this news was announced.

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Is Charney Bad For American Apparel's Stock Price?

Since American Apparel went public in December 2007, its stock price, with the exceptions of some minor upticks (like May and September of this year, when positive sales reports came out), has been steadily declining.

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Like a Car Wreck: You Just Can't Look Away

So, one of the reasons I chose American Apparel to cover this semester is because I am fascinated by the company’s CEO, a bizarre Jewish Canadian guy named Dov Charney. Charney has become infamous in the retail world for his … Continue reading

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