More Lawsuits for Charney

Seriously–maybe if Dov Charney would just put some freaking clothes on, he wouldn’t be getting sued every time he turned around. The latest suit comes from an ex-girlfriend of Charney’s, who was there at the start of the company waaaay back in 1996, when it was a little start-up in South Carolina.The ex-girlfriend, Nikki Yang, claims that she is owed shares of the company and that she was forced to work with a nude Dov Charney. (Really, Dov? Is it really that painful to, I don’t know, wear underwear?)

Charney filed a preemptive lawsuit against his former girlfriend. According to the AP article, the two are accusing each other of theft, fraud, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and breach of contract.

The article by the Associated Press points out that the company’s blase way of dealing with some employees was not atypical:

The lawsuits showed the familial way in which the company, now based in Los Angeles, handled some employees. For example, after Yang moved to Florida and stopped working full-time for the company in March 2007, she continued to receive an annual salary of $50,000 plus benefits for about another year. After the company went public in December 2007, Yang was paid for several more months stretching into the spring of this year.

To add a legal twist to this whole nonsensical suing-countersuing drama, Keith Fink is the lawyer reperesenting Yang. You may remember that we discussed Fink previously, as he has recently battled with the clothier.

Now, I know that there are plenty of issues on the table here, but something tells me that things would look a lot better legally for Mr. Charney if he would just cover up.

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