How Good is Your Latte Recitation?

Ever try to memorize all the different lattes and crazy names of coffee served at Starbucks? Well, this customer did… to some extent.

A Starbucks lover who calls himself Dragonblink, also created a comprehensive list to help customers break down names of coffees at Starbucks stores. Ever wonder where these names come from?

Some of these names originate from Ethiopia where the company gets its coffee beans. For years, Ethiopian farmers fought the company to have their names acknowledged with the coffee brand, and to get better prices for their coffee beans. After several protests all over the world, the farmers won.

The coffee company also recently announced that all of its locations in the UK will begin to serve only fair trade certified beans, which means only serving beans grown by farmers who are receiving fair wages, according to The Fairtrade Foundation.

So the next time you order your pepermint Gingersnap Mocha Twist late, remember those farmers in Ethiopia…

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