Keybanc gives the OK

 c/o kristy bear Photography on flickr

c/o kristy bear Photography on flickr

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the approval of a stock analyst.  It can really send a thrill up your leg.  Especially when it translates into an immediate boost to share price, as was the case with Keybanc’s upgrade for Northwestern Corporation, from Hold to Buy, with a price target of $23.50.

Keybanc made the call on December 8, and cited the December 9 Colstrip power plant sale decision as likely to be approved (it was).

The bounce for the Keybanc call: up a quarter, or 1.19%.   It stayed about level the next day.  By Friday December 12, NWE closed over $21 a share, up 50 cents from the Keybanc call, at its highest close since October.

It seems likely that Keybanc will hit its $23.50 target like a tuxedo’d boy hitting a pinata at his birthday party.  Of course, that will still be well off it’s 2008 range of around $25 a share.

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