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c/o Bonnie5378 on flickr

c/o Bonnie5378 on flickr

While the rest of the country saw bleak economic tidings this November, Montanans got good news.  A Presidential Permit was issued for a first-ever energy line between Montana in the U.S. and Alberta, in Canada.  Within a year or two, Montana wind power will be flowing northward across the Canadian border.  It’s not a bad time for a new U.S.-to-Canada export.

Although the U.S. trade deficit narrowed in November, it was mostly due to falling oil prices–America’s exports declined.

But the transmission line, a joint project between U.S. Northwestern Corporation and Canadian Tonbridge Power Inc., will reverse the charge–Canadian dollars will pay for American energy.

The Great Falls Tribune reported on the array of concerns around the decision.  These included environmental concerns, but also property rights.  Now that the project is moving forward, Montana farmers will be the immediate beneficiaries of the project:

“Agreements are in place with 86 of the 300 landowners in Montana, or 29 percent . . . Tonbridge is offering to pay market value for the easements and will also make annual rent payments, in addition to offering compensation to landowners for crops damaged during construction.”

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